Monday, November 30, 2009

More Bags

Gold Lace Bag

1st pic from the left: Dolce and Gabbanna
Right: Prada
Below: Prada

Prices: You wont want to even imagine.

Therefore, being the lovely us, we've brought you babes an affordable lace bag thats slidely bigger than average but nevertheless equally beautiful.

How can black lace ever go wrong? everrrrr.......

Code Name: Gold Lace Bag
Material: LACE!!!!!!!

Price: RM 160 - Yes, babes, the price is a bit high than the usual bags but looking at the pictures, you would definitely understand =)

The Charm Bag (SOLD)

Code Name: The Charm Bag
Material: PU Leather
*imported from Dubai

A real gorgeous bag that uses the idea of a charm bracelet clasp.
Stand out from the crowd with this bag. Besides, you can dump in a WHOLE LOT of items =) Fashion with convenience. Need we say more?

Price: RM 160 - plus postage

Hugs from the ABE admin